Monday, June 11, 2007

Allie's Final Project

This site is about how ages are used in such different ways on myspace. I thought that it would be interesting to look at reaons why people use different ages online, and why they lie about it. I also wanter to see what myspace was doing about it. During research I found so many different articles about sexual abuse that was going on through myspace, but most them had to do with someone lying about their age and someone never knowing they were lying. One article was about a 19 year old boy that was being sued by a 13 year old girl. The girl lied on her account and said she was older and the boy had no way of knowing how old she really was. Does myspace need to do something about this??

In my paper i decided to explore all angles of myspace, I went and found the rules for entering the site, and I even found a place where people were trying to make a law that said that myspace needed to do checks on peoples ages. I discuss whether or not this was fair to the members or not. It was a fun essay, and i had fun doing the research for it.

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