Wednesday, June 13, 2007

lizette's final project

I’m sure that this is something that you’ll read over and over again, but I want to make it clear that I was probably the most lost, most confused, most uncomfortable, most frustrated, and most angry person that was in the Internet Culture class this quarter. This project is an homage to those feelings, most of which were the direct result of Second Life. From the creepy feeling of designing my own avatar, to the frustration with filming, to the weird “people” that would come up to me in SL when I was trying to finish my diary—this is for all of that. This project examines the ways in which we use Second Life: corporately, socially, and academically. Starting out, I had only thought that Second Life was the place where anti-social gamers and pedophiles hung out. Now, at the end, I know that Second Life is more than creeps, bullies, and people who pee on you. Second Life is all of that and more. Let’s not dwell on the “Second” so much as to forget about the “Life” that is so integral to this alternate world.

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Have a beautiful summer.

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