Monday, June 4, 2007


As King addresses the naming of her class on Feminism and Technology I think that it’s interesting that her colleagues said that women would be resistant to take the class because of the word “technology” in the title. Growing up in a cyber friendly age I’ve really not encountered too much of a a divide between male and female interest in technology. There seems to be an interest or disinterest in technology across the board. I see class and age to be more of a sign of interest than I do gender. I guess I should consider that I am stating this as a feminist with a keen interest in different and often useless forms of technology. I feel like the word “feminism” is also far more stigmatized than “technology” is, wouldn’t more men be afraid to take King’s class than women?

Alex Foti’s interview was of specific interest, after I had just read Terranova’s piece. Terranova looks at how technology and culture shape each other and how this in turn effects the global marketplace. Foti highlights different ideas about class throughout his interview, and I think that class is something that needs to be considered while considering Terranova’s claims. What hand does the internet play in the economy of the future?

I wasn’t able to get very far into Haraway’s article. Maybe it was the bizarre intro image, the heavy language, or my own senioritis. My own answer is pending.

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