Saturday, June 9, 2007

Emily's hypertext essay

As we studied earlier this quarter, the use of web logs is on the rise, serving as either a creative outlet for people to publish their thoughts, art or observations or as a form to spread information about world events. Because of the possibility for just about anyone who has access to the Internet to publish onto the web, the web log is emerging as a popular form of literature. Now with the Internet now accessible by our military as they fight in Iraq, there has been an influx of what are now known as military blogs, which are now even organized on the site Primarily utilized by the military to maintain instant contact between soldiers and their families, the military blog is now becoming the voice of the soldiers as they disclose what the media doesn't say.

In my essay, I chose to examine what exactly these military blogs are and what they have to say. In looking at this, the existing debate is discussed whether soldiers have the right to publish on the web, when many people believe that the information that is published is in fact endangering the troops. Others maintain that these soldiers have the right to speak their mind on these blogs. Despite the current regulations, soldiers are continuing to post on their blogs, furthering this very important discussion concerning First Amendment Rights.

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