Monday, April 30, 2007

Andrea's weblog journey

I was interested to see what the story was with the woman who called her blog "My Boyfriend is a Twat" so I went exploring on her weblog to find out more. The site was largely deceptive in its title. As it turns out, this woman Zoe, she really has no hostility toward her boyfriend who actually lives with her and her 3 kids in Belgium. I find myself largely uninterested in her life as she explains as she shaved for the first time this year. I've realized that people write these things more for themselves, not for other people (especially strangers). I can see how it can be amusing to document your life, but not particularly entertaining to read.

I was hoping for a juicy tale about how she is getting even with an ex by posting all the horrible things he did on the internet so that he may struggle to maintain a normal social life. Although, I'm sure such disclosure would probably tread in that "unethical" area that we are trying to avoid. There may be no relationship drama on this site, but I was curious to see if others utilized their blogs for this purpose...
I hate my ex-girlfriend with the fury of a thousand supernovas.

What do you know! People need to vent any way they can.

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