Monday, April 16, 2007

Virtual Community

"The Virtual Community"
This article was perhaps the most informative article we have read so far. I feel that so many of the other article assume that the reader has at least a formal knowledge of the world of VR and the community surrounding it. The Rheingold article seemed to open up this all but mysterious world to the reader. The most compelling point in the article was the description about the ever changing face of social interaction. He focuses primarily on the new forms of expression available online and a person's ability to quite literally be whom ever they please. This information was especially interesting to read as I was creating my alternate identity in SL. As I traveled the virtual world at my fingertips I began to try, at first, act like RL self in regards to my speach. When that got old I started to just do random things and begin conversations with others about things that I would never have done in RL.

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