Monday, April 16, 2007

Kendal's Reading Diary

“Second Life Gambling”
This article discusses how gambling in Second Life has prompted the federal government to crack down on gambling websites. At first this seemed a little ridiculous because I thought it was not real money that was being gambled. If it wasn’t real money, why did the government care? But I understood when I learned that it could be exchanged for real money. This makes sense knowing that online gambling is already illegal.

“Artists Struggle…”
Artists can sell their pieces to second life where they will be viewed by the millions of users. Most don’t even care about the money; they just want people to see their work. Second Life can also open these artists up to being popular in the real world.

“In Legal Limbo…”
Poker in Second Life is becoming increasingly popular among users. Table creators are afraid that the growing popularity will cause pressure from law enforcement officials since online gambling is illegal.

“Profitable Resident Growth…”
It’s strange that people actually look to a virtual reality simulation to make money. They aren’t making very much and it seems like they would make more of a profit if they worked in the real world.

“Charity Raises Funds”
A charity in Second Life has raised money and awareness for its cause. It is cool that they can raise money through this. It is a good idea because so many people use SL that it would be pretty easy to get the word out about a charity through this program

“The Pursuit of Happiness”
People who are happy in real life and have lots of friends generally are the same way in Second Life. This makes sense because those who are friendly and outgoing in real life would probably be that same way online. It is also good for those who are shy in the real world because not having to meet face to face with someone and have them judge you is sometimes easier to do. People can be who they want to be.

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