Monday, April 23, 2007


My proposal is for a Machinima based on the Olympics. It would be almost like an ESPN or Sports Center broadcast highlighting the interesting events of the day. It would highlight track and field events such as 100 m dash and long jump. Depending on time depends on how many events that will be shown. The setting would be in a stadium like structure, obviously with a track on the field. It would need about 5 people to compete in the events, and also to be Sportscasters. The machinima would start as a television show with an introduction of the sportscasters and then saying they are going to show the highlights of the events that occured that day during the Olympic Games. Characters can be filmed competing with accidents happening to some of them, such as falling or disqualifications. The whole thing would then end with a good bye from the sportscasters, just as a real television show would.

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