Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Second Life Diary

[6:03] Bender Barkkorn: You have been ejected from 'SCU Managers' by Bender Barkkorn.



The combat zones are also very laggy... in fact the entire game just seems to run very slowly. Quite annoying, really. Also, Second Life, keeps on freezing and disconnecting me, causing me to leave random objects all over the place. I keep on getting e-mails telling me that people are leaving objects they found of mine in my Lost and Found folder... that's quite a useful function. But I lost my lightsaber in the sandbox and no one's given it back to me yet. :(


Found a basic Darth Vader avatar setup in the Freebie Warehouse and finished it with some cobbled together armor parts from a Halo Master Chief Avatar also found in the Freebie Warehouse... quite a cool place with lots of stuff.

Unfortunately, I am no longer allowed on SCU Island so my main testing ground for my newly acquired toys is gone... I found a Testing Sandbox to use but I keep on getting levitated by random people... how annoying.

I also stumbled upon a Star Wars role-playing zone, but no one was in there. And I would have fit in too with my Darth Vader avatar... (albeit poorly constructed)

I did use the Linden dollars I won in class to purchase a "Force Push" object which lets me push people around from long range... it was amusing until I got a bunch of people royally pissed off at me. Perhaps I should stick with using it in the weapons testing zone.


Second Life is getting really boring... playing around with weapons and vehicles has lost its appeal to me and finding ridiculous gestures is... meh. As someone else mentioned, there is really no goal or quest to fulfill in Second Life and my explorations are starting to feel pointless. Perhaps if there weren't so many elitists in Second Life this would be easier...


Spent the last bit of my money buying some Clone Trooper armor for my character... I'm such a hopeless geek.

If you want to see the photos of my second life experience, they're here:

To be continued...