Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Adventures in Second Life

Second Life Notes

1st Stop: Las Vegas Strip

CoCo Kessel and I first attempted to visit the Las Vegas Strip, as we began our journey to explore Second Life. However, when we tried to teleport to this island, we were denied access. The notice informed us that we were unable to teleport to this certain island because we did not have permission. CoCo and I were unaware about what permission we needed to enter Las Vegas, so we decided to teleport to another island.

2nd Stop: Hollywood

Next, CoCo and I visited Hollywood. Upon arriving, the island seemed pretty vacant. We walked around and still did not see any other visitors. We then decided to fly, since the flying option on Second Life allows for a faster commute around the island. After realizing that we were the only two visitors on the island, we left Hollywood and ventured to our next island.

3rd Stop: Paris 1900

The third stop on our Second Life Adventure was Paris 1900. CoCo Kessel and I were greeted with a set of regulations and rules upon entering this land. The rules included a ban on nudity and sexual activity and demanded that characters containing the “escort” label should remove it at once. It also outlawed political demonstrations and several other rules, which would maintain the safety and comfort of other visitors. We also were unable to fly on this particular island, which could allow for a more real life experience while in the virtual one. While on the island I met a young man named Daley Mayo, whom greeted me in French. I apologized and responded that I did not speak French, he quickly informed me that he spoke English, as well. He was from Kansas and we chatted for about ten minutes. He asked where I was from and how long I had been using Second Life. After answering that I was from California and had only signed up for the program last week as part of a school project, Daley asked if I wanted to use the “voice chat” application to communicate instead of the chat log. I told him that I could not use the “voice chat” application because I was in the school library and I was unsure how to even use it. He then left to find if others were using the “voice chat” since I was unable to. Daley seemed to lose all interest in conversing with me after I told him I was unable to use the voice chat. Perhaps he lost interest because avid Second Lifers find a more real life experience when they are able to communicate to others using their voice. Using the chat application makes Second Life feel more like a virtual work than a more real life one. While in Paris 1900, I was a brunette woman with brown eyes, wearing black shorts, a white tank top and a little black sweater. I was pretty conservatively dressed and decided to up the sex appeal for our next visit.

4th Stop: France Microcosme

The next stop on our Second Life Adventure was France Microcosme. Before arriving I changed my appearance. I made my shorts as short as they could go and wore a bra, instead of a shirt. However, CoCo and I found this place rather boring, as everyone was dancing and was unwilling to chat. There were also a lot of nude photos plastering the walls of this island, as seen in one of the snapshots I took here. Therefore, we decided to move to another island. Before leaving, however, I noted that there were a lot of women and not very many men present on this island.

5th Stop: Amsterdam

For our fifth stop, CoCo suggested we visit Amsterdam. I agreed and we teleported to this island next. After walking around the island for only two minutes, we spotted some provocatively dressed women near some benches. We approached them and CoCo said hello. After greetings and introductions, we noticed these women had the word “escort” below their Second Life names. We asked if they were indeed escorts and they replied yes. Becoming instantly engaged and interested, we asked what exactly it meant to be a prostitute in Second Life. One of the women giggled and responded that an escort in Second Life is just like an escort in real life. She said that other Second Lifers come to her and ask for her services. After the initial request, a price is negotiated for the suggested services, in Linden dollars of course. She also said that in the specific area we were in used to be the most popular area for Second Life escorts. However, if we wanted to find more escorts we should visit the Red Light District. We then explained that we were not looking for escorts, we were simply curious about her occupation. We then saw a man approach the women and we decided we should probably leave so that they could continue their personal business. But before we left one of the women suggested we visit a nude beach. We agreed and began to search for beaches in Second Life.

6th Stop: Beachcomber Isle

The sixth stop we made was to Beachcomber Isle. We were looking for a nude beach, as the escorts we had previously met suggested we visit. On this island we said hello to a group of people conversing near the beach (two women whom were sisters and a young man). The man soon left and CoCo and I conversed with the sisters. They were very friendly and willing to help if we were having problems with SL after hearing that we were newcomers. We also asked how many hours a day they spent on SL and they both giggled and said “there aren’t enough hours in the day!” One of the sisters, named Saphyre Allen gave us the animation “giggles,” so that we may gesture a giggle while conversing. Saphyre then said she worked in SL. Her job entailed hosting parties on the island and the word of these parties is sent to members of their group “Sand Dollars,” which CoCo and I joined. Saphyre invited us to her next party, which is Friday and the theme is lingerie. The sisters then gave us shoes, a new hairstyle and recommendations to several places where we could get free clothes and accessories. After getting these recommendations, CoCo and I went to the first store, which was Freebies Dungeon.

7th Stop: Freebies Dungeon

Upon arriving to Freebies Dungeon, there were several people walking around looking at crates that covered the floor of this island. There were also posters that painted the walls. These posters pictured nude women, half-naked men and different articles of clothing. CoCo and I walked around to examine the crates. The crates were labeled with various objects. Some were labeled women's clothing, women's lingerie, land, vehicles, eye colors, body skins and various other things. I first attempted to buy articles of clothing in a women's lingerie crate. I quickly discovered that you could not attain only a few items from each crate. You must attain the entire crate and its contents, but it was definitely free of charge. These objects from the crate were then transported to my inventory and I was able to put on various articles of clothing that were in the crate. I then attained a crate labeled women's clothing, another labeled women's hair and finally one labeled women's jewelry. All free of charge. After attaining these crates, I changed my appearance. I put another hair piece on, long black hair with purple streaks. Then I put black lingerie on. Then covered myself with “faded” jeans and a purple tube top. I continued to wear the sparkle high heels Saphyre gave me on Beachcomber Isle. After visiting Freebies Dungeon, I decided to end my Second Life adventure for now, but am ready to experience it with my new outfit and ability to gain objects free of charge.

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