Wednesday, April 23, 2008


After reading the articles on Fan fiction, I thought that they seemed like a creative way to express the sequels to stories, movies, books, that the reader imagines in their own mind. The articles seemed to place a huge emphasis on the fact that these genres of writing are very erotic and attract straight females who are turned on my the idea of 2 men having sex. When i read all these reviews on fan fiction, i was expecting to get some dirty sequel that included familar characters acting on their homosexual tendencies. The article all mentioned harry potter and how this changed the interpretation of the original work. Although it think this new media of writing fan fictions-- creative add ons to how you would like the story to go, i think that when fan fiction changes the original work, or changes the perceived intention of the orignal work is not very good. I would hate to have written a book and then have somebody analysis and turn characters in to people they were not intended to be. I feel like doing this changes the overall perception, like in Harry Potter and how the homosexuality idea skewed many readers perceptions of the book and of the author. I guess on one hand, it offers for another analysis of the text, but i feel like when it interferes with the true story, the analysis is negative for the quality of the work that went into writing any book.
When i began to read different Fan fictions i was disappointed with the lack of creativity, plot line, writing style. I feel like to produce a good fan fiction, the writer would have to be very familiar with the piece they are adding on to. Of the fan fiction i wrote, I also did not encounter anything that overly erotic. in one story Austin Powers has homo erotic relations with Dr. evil to trick him and his son to leave on a space ship for mars where they think they will be able to have world domination. In the end, Austin powers has saved the world and the piece although very poorly written was humorous and entitled "you only shag twice." I found it interesting how many different genres encompass fan fiction. There is tragedy, humor, horror, romance, etc. Another story i read was a action fiction about buzz light year in Toy Story, trying to save the toys going on a play date. The end is very tragic because buzz is left at the friends house and to never return. The funniest fan fiction i read was called "what if" the tag line reads, "what if you hear will only beat for your brother? Are there rules to love?" this story was about the Disney hit, "High school Musical" where troy and Vanessa actually end up being brother and sister who are madly in love with each other and highly sexual. I found it funny because the disney original movie is a corny musical--- awful love story. This fan fiction took a funny spin on the stupidity of this movie.
Most of the stories i read were pretty weak, with not much of a plot line and to me, its seems that these stories are at a loss of creativity. The story already has its setting, plot, characters, all you have to do is make up some instance in the story line and its called "fan fiction" I am not sure if thats doing anything other than expressing some ideas of what could happen to characters. I suppose there is some creativity in coming up with an idea for the sequel, but it seems to be more of lousy attempt at creativity that ends up being uninteresting and predictable.

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