Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fan Fiction

A long time ago the popular show "Family Guy" had an episode that consisted of three fan fiction scripts put together into one episode. I believe they were about superpowers, 3 wish genie, and something else I can not remember. This shows how often times the fans create ideas that are very similar to the writers that incorporate what they would like to see in the episode. In my search of fan fictions i found some pretty entertaining stuff. The stories I found the most interesting were not the ones that held true to the surrounding world, instead I particularly enjoyed the fiction that could never be put into place in the stories, movies, or tv shows. The stories where two fan fiction worlds collide can bring about some interesting, humorous, and compelling story lines that you would never have a chance of seeing on the actual shows. For example there was an interesting one where Batman Begins meets Superman Returns, or a story where Monk and House collide, or in a more sci-fi case, the meeting of Battlestar Galactica and any of the various Star Treck shows. These types of stories aren't knew and have been very successful in many cases. Alien vs Predator, Jason vs Freddy, South Park has done numerous episodes where it collides with either family guy or the simpsons. Since I find this particular type of fan fiction most interesting, if I were to create a fan fiction I would create one that combined two worlds such as Scrubs and ER the comedic and dramatic sides of a hospital. That or where the detectives of the Las Vegas CSI crime unit encounter the expertise of the reno sheriff's department. (reno 911)

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