Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fan Fiction Diary

The first book I chose was a story that combined aspects of Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” and a series of books that are entitled “Fearless.” I chose this fan fiction because I had already read  the books by Stephanie Meyer, and so I was excited to read fan fiction with the same characters. I have to say I enjoyed reading this fan fiction entry even thought the story had a very similar sequence of events as Stephanie Meyer’s book. The author actually did a pretty good job of creating the same tension that exists between the main character Edward, and the new female character, Gaia, that is present in the real book, “Twilight.”

            The second Fan Fiction entry I read was entitled “Equinox” and it was another story that continued Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” series. Although the first story I read was good, this one was much better. The author almost completely mimicked the feeling and characters in the original novel. There were no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, and the story kept you hooked. I think that fan fiction is a great exercise for writers. I think that most great artists at some point in their careers started out by trying to copy someone else’s work.

Next I read a piece entitled, “The Longest Engagement,” which borrowed the character’s and style from Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.” It was very well written. I think this must have been a very difficult piece to write because Jane Austen’s style is so unique. Yet, the author captures it quite well, and her use of vocabulary is very good. The story is basically about Elizabeth’s worries before her wedding with Mr. Darcy takes place. Conflict arises between Mr. Darcy and Mrs. Bennett. In the end everything is resolved and Elizabeth get’s Mr. Darcy’s mother’s ring for her wedding.

I next read a fan fiction based on “Harry Potter.” It was actually pretty hear wrenching and I found myself close to tears at the end. In it Hermione falls fro Draco Malfoy and he dies protecting her. I am so surprised at how good some of these stories are.

The last fan fiction I read was an X-men story with Rogue and Remy. It was short and sweet. Rogue is by herself in a corner, watching everyone touch everyone else. She feels sorry for herself because she can’t. Then Remy shows up, and tells her that despite the fact that she can’t touch him he still wants to be with her. It was more like a screenplay than a novel, which I guess is appropriate because it is based off of the movie. I liked how the author focused on imagery, of all the people touching in different ways.

I was really impressed with the fan fiction I read. I think I am going to keep reading :)

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