Monday, April 21, 2008

You Tube

I have never been a big follower of youtube. When someone I know would send me a link, I would click on it. However, I have never added content or searched for videos. Watching the three youtube videos, it brought to light the power that this online medium has. The first video hotforwords was one of the strangest experiences I ever had watching a video. I thought it was interesting how someone so smart would lower themselves to the level of near soft pornography to reach an audience. It just shows some of the low entertainment value that the youtube medium has given that just about anyone can add a video.

The other two videos, the Davos Question and A Vision of Students Today show the positive role that youtube can play in creating media. With an equal playing field and low technology to participate, this medium gives everyday people like students, and regular people the opportunity to participate and try to change things. In this way, youtube can be a very powerful way to get a message across.

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