Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Fanfiction idea

If I were to create my own fan fiction, I think I would choose to develop an ending to a story that I, personally wanted to read more of. When I first thought of this, the first book that came to mind was Of Mice and Men. Creating my fan fiction for this book would include what happened after Lennies deaths. I picture my story having George contemplating Lennies death on the porch in the Salinas valley. I think to add some interest to my fan fiction of this story I would have Curly get arrrested and put on trial for the murder of Lennie. I think this would be interesting since the view/opinions of Lennie's death can be looked at with so many different lenses. This also would make it more interesting for the reader because it would create a sort of climax as to what the resolution would be for Curly. After Curly's trial, which I am unsure what the outcome would be, I would move into a scene of A funeral service being held for Lennie and the Eulogy given by George. My fan fiction doesn't have an erotic scenes or crazy abstractions from the original work, but I think that my sequel would be an interesting snipit or view on what the possible endings could be. This has been one of my favorite books so in the heart of being a huge steinbeck fan, my fiction would tell the finale of the events that occured in the last pages Of Mice and Men

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