Thursday, April 17, 2008

Effect of YouTube is Entertainment

To me, YouTube has become something that is out of this world! The idea of becoming famous is a completely different concept with many routes. Musical artists would have to work hard or simply get lucky to get recognition from the public, but instead you can just post a video on YouTube of your band playing or a montage of photos with your music in the background and eventually someone will come across it and they tell their friends who tell their friends and so on and so forth. Even though technology has become a part of every day life, it still feels weird in a sense to me because technology isn’t truly natural, so someone getting discovered on YouTube just because they have a ridiculously catchy song doesn’t seem natural to me either. In contrast, YouTube provides entertainment. My friends and I spend hours looking up funny videos or re-watching funny videos that we have already seen and by this we are creating our own YouTube community. YouTube broadens ways in which people have things in common, because you can hear someone quoting one of your favorite videos, you go up to the person and start quoting it with them, and then all of sudden they think you’re funny just because you thought the same video was funny and now magically…you may have a new friend. YouTube, however, I don’t think can really be taken seriously if you are doing your own recording or something like “Hot for words” because people will find you boring or they won’t take you seriously due to the way that you present yourself. Our society has pretty much made it impossible for a girl to be scantily clad and appear intellectual. YouTube is simply a source of entertainment that people can identify with each other through and I think that aspect is good.

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