Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fan Fiction--Fun Fiction

Of the many fan fiction works I have checked out these are a few of the most worthy of note top three…

Gilligan’s Island

The first piece of fan fiction that I encountered was a cartoon sketch of Gilligan and Maryanne from Gilligan’s island. Some of the comments on this drawing include “I’m so glad they are finally getting together!” and things of that nature. Its funny how this little drawing can inspire a whole other storyline in people’s minds stemming from the background they know of the original show.

Gilmore Girls

Next I moved on to a story written in several parts about the main characters of the television show Gilmore Girls. The story itself was written fairly well, I was entertained enough to keep reading, but it was a bit strange because although it was following the same storyline, I don’t feel like that this fans interpretation would actually ever be a story line. Is this because the style of writing was so different, or was it because the actions were sort of out of character??

Friends Cartoon

My favorite piece that I checked out was a video that was a sound clip from a Friends episode but it was put to superhero characters. Monica was Wonder Woman, Ross is Superman, Joey is Batman, Chandler is the Flash, Phoebe is Aquaman, and Rachel is Robin. It was really funny especially because I have seen the actual episode so many times in real life that the actions of the cartoon characters totally corresponded with what I knew to be the true video. Check it out…. http://www.fanlib.com/s/Super__Friends__Charades/44ml9o

In one of the articles we read the author calls the Internet a new resource for people to continue the rich history of storytelling culture but now it can be reached by the whole world. This is a great metaphor because it encapsulates the way the internet allows people to share stories and experiences important to them while also being allowed to add their own personal twist.

I think that a great idea for a piece of fan fiction would be to make a video similar to the Friends superhero one that I saw but based on The Office. I really love the cartoons on SNL and one produced in that way, with the background sound clips from the actual show would be funny to me. As was mentioned before about the Office, I think the appeal of the show is how anyone who has ever worked in an office can relate. The television show is an exaggeration of reality where the fanfiction I am proposing would be an even further exaggeration.

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