Friday, April 25, 2008

Fan Fiction: Bond, James Bond... needs help!

I must admit, I enjoyed reading a few of those fan fiction samples. Though the writing may not be the most advanced, I found myself completely - and nerd-ily - engaged in the stories of Zorro and Harry Potter. If I were to write a piece of fan fiction, it would be about James Bond. Growing up with an older brother, I too grew up intimately knowing James Bond, from Sean Connery to Pierce Brosnan and his adventures, and continue to be a fan. However, being somewhat of a feminist, I would write about the time the woman saves James, when she's not "womanized," but rather does the "man-izing" (?). Instead of playing the figure of a femme fatale, she would be essential to his plan to save the world. Indeed, this time SHE would save the world, and HE would be her assistant. I obviously haven't fully developed this idea, but the notion of fan fiction provides a fun, entertaining avenue for a fan to feel more involved in the story and characters' lives.
Why would people care about my fan fiction relating to James Bond? Well, perhaps I am biased, but James Bond has been an integral figure in popular culture for decades. However, the stories always follow a similar storyline and involve similar characters - the sexy, buxom and evil woman, the evil antagonist who wants to destroy the world and gain lots of money, and James in all of his suave sexyness, womanizing but still always charming both the audience and his companions. These similarities are comforting in some respects, as the viewer expects and anticipates them. However, in our time of social change and different perspectives emerging and becoming more accepted, if not popular, a "spoof" or skewed story from a more feminist perspective would be entertaining. This new angle, which may very well be realistic in some settings, spices things up a bit for everyone.

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