Friday, April 18, 2008

Effects of youtube on society

Youtube, and other video blogging networks, have given anyone with access to the internet, the opportunity to broadcast either themselves, or other sorts of video media, onto the internet. Not only can people post their own media, but they can search for virtually anything, from music videos to lessons on how to put makeup on a certain way, or a video clip from a TV show. With these capabilities just a mouse clip away, youtube can keep someone entertained for hours. This can have positive and negative effects. When looking for useful information youtube can be incredibly helpful; however, inappropriate material can appear just like in any other search engine. Caution must be used with younger children on this site, but this isn’t anything new to parents.

After viewing the three videos in class, it was very clear that youtube and the internet in general have greatly affected today’s population. “Hotforwords” shows how youtube can be used as a tool to put yourself and your talents out for the world to see and judge. This judgment is usually portrayed through video or written responses displayed underneath the corresponding video. When people, like the woman in ‘hotforwords’ spend a large amount of time creating videos and promoting themselves they can often gain a lot of attention. Many may strive to have this happen, but with millions of videos streaming through youtube, the likelihood of becoming famous overnight is extremely low.

With regards to “A vision of students today,” this video does a great job of portraying how time consuming the internet and computers have become with our generation. I have to admit I have fed into this, constantly checking my e-mail and logging into facebook. It makes me feel connected to the world and keeps me from getting bored when I take study breaks. The only problem is these study breaks can turn into hours rather than just a few minutes. There is so much information held within the internet, and so many possibilities for people to pass their time. The distractions are endless; therefore doing hwk on a computer with internet access can prove to be very difficult at times! Having grown up with this technology, I think it would be very hard to go back to not having almost constant internet access as well as the capabilities to interact with so many people online. With this mixed blessing we will move forward into the future, to see what else the technological world has to offer.


Lucy said...

I thought the Vision of Students to day was very well done! The movement of the clips really presented a way of looking out the time we waste in life doing mindless things. It is interesting that you note how a fifteen minutes study break can turn into hours. What would we do with our time if we didn't mindlessly waste those hours on line. I always find it kind of funny when people say, "what would we do without cell phones, without the internet, without computers." and I say to myself... well... what DID we do before all this? These tools, both positive and negative have just made our lives easier. It is easy to get info we need, easy to keep in touch, easy to do daily thing, easy to get things done more quickly... but it the end why does it matter if its easy? We are always in a race for time? Time is our dilemma. So yes, easier and faster is good... but what about all the time we don't even realize we've lost meandering mindlessly though cyberspace. minds fixed on a screen, mindlessly typing trying to stay "connected" before we run out of time.

Ortolana Clare Solibun said...

Honestly speaking, i don't think that the youth today are wasting their time. Sure we are consumed with the Internet and Facebook and yes technology has made our lives easier. If you think about it, they're actually doing everything we used to do before social networks , but they're doing it differently. They are still reading books, still travelling, going for walks, hanging out with friends and so forth. This can be seen in the thousands of vlog entries you see scattered around Youtube. The only thing that's changed is the fact that we SHARE what we do with the world by posting it up on websites like Facebook and Youtube.