Thursday, April 17, 2008

Net Neutrality

After exploring the Video Essays section of Liz Losh's list, I have to say one of them was quite disconcering: SAVE THE INTERNET (link below)! I think that in the future, video essays will become more ubiquitous. They are a great way to compile information, prove a point (which can be used for computer-mediated debates), rally people (like the Save the Internet campaign) and teach in an efficient manner; just this year one of my assignments for another upper division English course is to create a video essay. As video-editing software becomes more user friendly the video essay will surely continue to grow in popularity.

In regard to the Save The Internet campaign, I found it disgusting that corporations like AT&T and Verizon are trying to essentially "own" the internet. It makes sense, as corporations took over all the other media formats shortly after they were invented. I think that keeping the Net neutral is most important because it is different from radio, TV, and print. Why is it different? Because it encompasses all of these and more! Hopefully the net will stay neutral, and hopefully as the internet gets faster, more sophisticated, and better integrated with our other devices (e.g. Apple TV) and vehicles, the monopoly power of mega-corporations will be diminished and America will have a more democratic culture. Imagine an internet-based "channel" that features only video essays made by common folk! Way better than EmpTV!

To find the video, YouTube search "save the internet" it is the first result.

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