Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grey's FF doesn't compare to the actual show!

So, I am a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan and I found a lot of fan fiction on it. I read a couple stories centered on the love story of Grey and McDreamy. I think the stories are cute. Some have happy endings, others do not. Some people actually write entire seasons worth of short little episodes.
One story I read was called “Hundred” and it is based in the third season when Meredith is dating Finn (the vet) and her and Derek aren’t talking. The story takes place in the common elevator of the hospital that is on every show. This time, the elevator gets stuck with just these two main characters in it and they are forced to talk to each other. After a little conflict, they end up expressing their love for one another. A cute part that was incorporated into it was when the author gave a brief about the other characters’ whereabouts. She wrote that Izzie became a pediatrician after she cut Denny’s L-VAD wire, George and Callie were living together, and Christina was her normal self but still dating Burke. I thought this was a cute addition even though the actual show took a completely different turn.
Personally, I prefer the actual show just because the writing leaves me wanting to see more and the scenes where Grey and McDreamy have intense conversations are better written than these fan fiction ones. Either way, it’s a cute way to express yourself and your love for the greatest show in history!

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