Thursday, April 17, 2008


I found the youtube video enlightening and identifiable. I can definitely relate with most all of the comments presented by the students. Of particular interest to me is, if students all share this common bond of distraction, high tuition rates, minimal education, and other influences that effect/affect their education, why aren't we mobilizing a response to the oppressive forces? There seems to be plenty of tools at our disposal to operate. Youtube, myspace, email, blogs, herein are a plethora of opportunity to communicate and educate others of what is happening. It seems like the right thing to do. 

Regarding the reuters news posts, I wasn't able to find reuters in SL, but have read it online. I think Jimmy Carter wanting to meet with Hamas is amusing. I spoke with a friend last night about this, and he commented that Jimmy is so pissed at Israel because they have broken every agreement he brokered between them and Palestine since the late 70's. 
Bush's light handed remarks about the seriousness of global warming is subtly irritating, as usual. For the purpose of his demise, I hope history chooses to view him as a catastrophic failure, of course there will probably be little people to do this, as most will probably have drowned or starved to death. 
Keeping with politics, I read the stories about McCain being considered a maverick. Sure I think it's great that he has little allegiance to the Republicans and seems willing to think independently, isn't that what we should expect? Furthermore on McCain, shouldn't we be concerned that he is a surviving POW, I mean doesn't he have PTSD? Why doesn't this concern more people, it's really frightening to consider having a leader that has issues, not to mention his anger issues as well. 

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