Thursday, April 17, 2008

Class Discussion

Today's class discussion gave me various perspectives of the virtual world that I have never considered. The main point that I found most interesting was how second life could take over someone's life. The cyber sex article seemed to apply to this discussion because we talked about online social norms. My only experience in a world like this is xbox live. It is similar because of the social interaction that takes place verbally during games. People who are mean or sabotoge games can be kicked off for disrupting the session. You can also file a complaint about the gamer so that people know to stay away from them. It seems that this kind of activity can be applied to second life. We also touched on how second life and other online activities can have negative affects if not used in moderation. But there seem to be many positive qualities of the world. It can bring people together from different countries, classes could be held, and friends can be made. But the lesson learned today and that was repeated was that it must be used in moderation. 

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