Thursday, April 24, 2008

Maschinima Proposal

My thoughts are of developing a society of anarchy within Second Life. Based off the principles which I see implemented in Second Life thus far, it seems likely that it could happen. Rather than considering it a society that is anarchtic, consider rather a community that promotes absolute freedom. A community that does not develop rules. In such an environment we will see the lavish outbursts of insanity by those individuals seeking to find the boundaries. There will be rape, murder, carnage, and ugly displays that accompany absolute freedom. As a result of this chaos, justice will seek to emerge. It will emerge in the form of a revolutionary figure to the chaos which has been created, a Wyatt Earp figure of sorts. 

The movie starts by displaying activity on a few of the various islands. People are walking around and talking to each other, in a dance room, people are dancing, listening to music and talking to each other. The economic aspect is shown with people gaining money by camping and selling real estate online, perhaps this is displayed by capturing footage of an atm transaction taking place. On help island people, footage is shown of more and more people dropping into Second Life. You start to see the clubs crowding up, and people getting more and more aggressive. A newspaper headline reads that Second Life needs to have strict management because people are being cyber raped, prostitution is occurring in real life, mafia, and terrorist plots are being carried out all via Second Life, but throughout all this, Second Life administrators refuse to show any heavy hand to its users. 

Second Life has reached critical mass, a news paper headline reads, Chaos Ensues. If you thought kids getting beat up after school for comments on myspace was bad, girls have become so enraged that a girl in Missouri was killed after school one day because she stole another girls cyber boyfriend online. This becomes the main source of influence or the straw that broke the camels back. Mavericks begin to emerge as a result of this chaos. This comes in the form of creating codes that shut down people that are causing trouble in Second Life.  A shot of a man becoming aggressive with a girl is seen in the corner of a club, a maverick comes over and destroys the guys avatar and doesn't allow him to use the Avatar any longer, or the accumulated Lindens he's created for being online. 

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