Thursday, April 24, 2008

First Second Life Adventure

Bree, Scott, and I decided to explore second life together. We met at the Santa Clara Island and decided to go to Club Loco and socialize. As it turns out, Club Loco is a stripper bar for men and women. I was surprised to learn that people can strip on Second Life and earn tips in the online currency. One of the strippers had earned well over 500 dollars. It’s quite amusing that people attend virtual stripper clubs to socialize and dance. Other avatars were dancing and joking around with one another. It was clear that most of them knew each other through previous encounters online. There were people in charge of the club, greeters at the door, people making sure no one got on stage with the dancers, and there was even a DJ.
I found it amazing that a club was run online much like one would be run in reality. What disappointed me though was that I was only able to find people to socialize with at these strip clubs. I traveled to cities in Italy and Greece, and the only places that had large groups of people were at clubs. This leads me to believe that people’s desires in real life are to go clubbing all the time. I certainly need more time exploring the world of Second Life, but so far the only place that has allowed me to interact with other avatars has been at strip clubs.
While my experiences at these strip clubs has been amusing, hopefully I’ll be able to expand my horizons in future endeavors.

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