Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Clubs in SL

When I arrived in second life to explore it was at freebie beach in the water. I don’t remember leaving myself in the water but that’s where I was. There wasn’t anyone there except for this girl at least that’s what your avatar was. She said that she didn’t speak any English. I had to talk to her in Spanish. She asked me where I was from. She said that she as from Russia. She kept making herself glow and she kind of looked like a fish at the same time. Her outfit looked as though she was flowing in the water. After talking to her I decided to try and see if my avatar could swim. Instead it walked in the water. I guess I need to figure out a function that allows me to swim. I really wanted to see my avatar swim! I guess there are just some things that really people can do that avatars can’t without a function.

So in Second Life what I wanted to explore were strip clubs. For one I was interested to see if second life had any and two I wanted to explore then for my machinima film proposal. The first place I went to was called crazy strip club. Well it wasn’t that crazy because there wasn’t anyone one there. It could be the time of day but I thought that there was so many people on SL that it would matter and I would get to see people strip. I did get to ride a horse or at least sit on one and a Mary go round. Oh I forgot to mention that I figured out how to make my avatar to hold a glass coffee table. It took me forever to figure out how to get it off though. One good thing about this strip club was that I got to dance on the pole. It took me a while to get the hang of it but eventually I could make the avatar dance.

I danced on this pole for about 5 minutes. It was funny to me that people actually paid money to other avatars to strip/dance. The little purple and blue balls allowed you to slow dance and give lap dances.

The next place I went to there was actually avatars. The place was called loco strip club. It had a beach and everything. I was wondering why there was a group of girls who looked like stripers all gathered together. Well it turns out that they were having a meeting. I thought that my avatar looked over dressed compared to these girl avatars so I changed my image. Once I was done I typed in that looks better I fit in better now. That’s when they started tell me to leave. Geez why couldn’t they understand that I felt over dressed compared to them. I was reading what they were saying in there meeting and they weren’t getting anything done. I told them that and it pissed them off even more. Then two of them started groping each other. I really couldn’t take them seriously then because they said they were having a meeting but then two of there girls started groping each other. That’s like in the real world if people were in a meeting than started groping each other. That would interrupt the whole meeting. But anyways they let me stay for a while longer then one of the avatar girls asked is she could say something. I laughed to myself. Then I said to her why are you asking if you can say something? How is anyone going to stop you? That’s when the girl I think was the boss went off. She was like brownsuga leave! You need to leave! I could help but laugh.

So the whole time that I was on SL my friend Mari was sitting next to me laugh and say what the hell are you doing? I was really getting into this causing drama in this place. She said that they were mean because all you were doing was trying to have a girl stand up for herself. I left loco strip club.

The next place I went to wasn’t fun at all it was some strip club. It wasn’t done yet but the owner/manager wanted to hire me. I asked her were everyone was and she informed me that this place was still under construction. It was funny to me that she wanted to hire me. She gave me a application which asked me everything that a real world application would ask. I didn’t even know how to fill it out. Experience? How are people shy when it isn’t even a real person stripping. Honestly does it take a lot to be a striper on SL?

This is the manager of the strip club under construction.

This next place I went to was a Scifi strip club. No this really interested me. I had never heard of one of these in the real world. I wish I had taken a picture of the woman who was there that was the boss. The avatar was womanish but has a whole star wars thing going on. I asked her if it was easy to make your avatar strip she said yes than started showing me. She too offered me a job. She said that I would need some up grades though. The application was very similar to the other one that I got before. She kept talking to me and asking things like how long I had been a user? Was this my first time to a SL strip club? This is where I end my SL journey. I must say there are some very interesting thing on SL. I think the next time that we are asked to explore I want to see a mall.

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