Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fan Fiction Erotica

Ok, here’s the deal. After reading the first article by Cumberland about fan fiction, I came away with this somewhat disturbed but overall positive picture of fan fiction. I thought it was an awesome way to allow women to remain anonymous while being able to express their sexual feelings. This type of writing also brings women of similar interests together to form communities and friendships. I love that fan fiction is another form of free speech for its authors and that people use their fandom and creativity to express themselves. Personally, I am a fan of romance novels so I have no problems reading love scenes and think it can actually add a lot to the emotional connection that builds for a reader between two characters. But after reading the Chaudhry article, I came away with fan fiction seeming more like soft pornography in writing.

A couple of comments that were made in this article struck me and got me thinking. The first was by Henry Jenkins who was talking about “slash” fiction (gay homosexual male FF) when he said “It’s what women want male sexuality to look like.” Maybe I am misunderstanding the statement but I am pretty certain that I don’t want to see my boyfriend being sexual with another male. The author continued by saying the central message of “slash” FF is “Women are turned on by the idea of two men having sex.” Really? Maybe I am an exception to the rule.

Another comment that was made in the glbtq article was that “slash” fiction “… Draws attention to the sexual tension that exists between men in homosocial (single-sex) environments...” I am not sure if I agree with the fact that males have sexual tension with each other. I would think it was just their testosterone trying to overpower and compete with one another, but I am not male so maybe they are right.

I put this out to all the girls in the class: Do u agree with these statements? Or is there another underlying reason women like to write “slash” fiction?

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deb said...

I totally agree with you feeling that its great that fan fiction allows women to express their sexuality anonymously. Although I don't agree with you when you say that there isn't any sexual tension between males. I have seen plenty of males play wrestling on the floor and if their isn't sexual tension between them I don't know what is. I don't think there is sexual tension like they want to have sex with each other kind of way, but there is a very fine line between what excites them and what turns them on. Anyway, I think that slash fiction probably has a range of stories from plain pornographic to more liberating. I think that's the beauty of it. What does everyone else think?