Thursday, May 1, 2008

slash fiction& fan to me!

FANFICTION.... "The L Word"
"So can Angelica stay with you tonight Kit? Tonight Tina and I are going to an exhibit of one of my most promising students"
Bette intently looks at Kit as she sips her non-fat chai latte at the bar. "No problem sis, you know i love watchin' after my babygirl!" Kit replied.

It was a sunny afternoon at the Planet, and most of the gang was sitting at a table on the patio. Bette glanced over to Tina gave her a thumbs up, signifying that Kit would watch Angelica for the night. Yelling over the growing crowd in the cafe "We love you Kit!! Sometimes i wonder what we would do without you!"
"ahh, i hope i never have to find out" Kit hollered back. Tina smiled and turned her attention back to Alice, Jenny, Shane, and Tasha. Alice was dishing about the latest drama at "the look".

Letting out a short sigh, Bette excuses herself from the bar and walks over to the table while Kit attends to the line of customers at the register. Grabbing a lone wicker chair from one of the unused tables on the patio, Bette places her seat next to Tina and gently strokes her blonde hair.
Tina whispers "Alice is ranting about that one lady at her know the one that is always giving her a hard time". Bette nods knowingly.

" So then she was like, can you be a little more...ya I mean that is what we hired you for" Alice bemoans her less than ideal working situation at "the look" to the rest of the table.
"I can't believe she doesn't think i'm 'gay enough', ugh! i mean what does she want me to do?? Wave a frickin flag?!"
Tasha pats Alice's hand, "it's okay babe, she just has an ever-present stick up her ass"
The whole table bursts out in peels of laughter. Shane catches her breath and adds "yea Alice, i mean you can't even pay attention to shit like that....she probably just needs to get some"

Still laughing, Alice raises her eyebrow at Shane's remark "well why don't you help me out?".
"No way, i don't do charity cases and i don't do 'bitch' " Shane jokingly shoots back. " I'm trying to chill out on the whole relationship thing"

There is a slight pause among the ladies at the table. They knew all too well about how Shane's last relationship ended in flames....literally. It causes all of them to reminisce about their own relationship past. Bette and Tina lovingly gaze into each other's eyes, as if everything they went through somehow made them stronger--the custody battle for Angelica, the break-up, Jodi.....all of it.
Tasha watches Alice pull at her dress, and thinks of how she doesn't regret ever giving up a career in the Army for her.

Shane fidgets in her chair and takes a sip of ice tea.
"SO everyone, i'm working on a new book!" exclaims Jenny, bringing everyone's attention back to the present. Oohs and Ahhs go around the table. Jenny brushes her thick black bangs out of her eyes and begins to talk about her newest literary endeavor.

Just as jenny starts to talk, Alice's attention is directed to the entrance of the Planet.
A small framed girl, with oversized sunglasses and her hands stuffed into her ripped jean cutoffs smiles and waves in her direction.
Bette notices the surprised expression on Alice's face as she waves, and turns in the direction that she's looking. "Oh my gosh...." Bette mutters. By this time Jenny realizes that the attention is no longer on her or her new book but instead everyone is staring at the door in shock.
Jenny defiantly whirls around to see what is so much more important than her, and she can't believe her eyes either.
"Shane ohmygod, its Carmen!" Jenny blurts out.

Carmen stands akwardly at the entrance of the planet until Kit shrieks "CARMEENNNN, HONEY HOW ARE YOU??!"

Immediately, the tables attention is directed at Shane, whose cheeks are noticeably flushed. After all, Carmen is Shane's first love, and the girl who she left standing at the altar all by herself in front of family and friends in Canada.

Shane is speechless. All she knows is that Carmen looks even more beautiful and radiant than she has ever seen her. Her lips, are parted into a soft smile at Kit....those lips remind her of so many wonderful memories--the way she laughed with them, or got mad and poked out her bottom lip, and the kisses they shared early in the morning. Shane's heart began to beat at a pace that even she couldn't keep up with. "What should i do? does she even want to talk to me...."
Shane felt a pain in her chest because she knew that Carmen was the best thing to ever happen to her. She still loved Carmen, more than what she would care to admit.
"I've got to get her back"
"What!?" snapped Bette. Shane jumped back a little, she didn't mean to say that out loud.....

Okay so that is what i would LIKE to happen on next season of "the L word" but hey, who knows??
I hope you've enjoyed it! =)

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Mackai said...

haha that was excellent. I love the fact that with fan fiction you can use the characters we know and love and lead them to any place your heart desires. I think we get so attached to characters like Shane that when a show stops airing or they drop out of the story line it feels like that character dies and is no longer real.... maybe the point of fan fiction is to keep those characters alive...