Thursday, May 8, 2008

If I were to maintain a weblog...

If I were to maintain a weblog, I'd like to make it like the blog 'Overheard in New York', which seems to be able to sell a bit of online advertising space. I like the idea, very much, behind this blog but it would be a bit of a rip-off to create something like, 'Overheard on Santa Clara University Campus', wouldn't it? Although one does catch some interesting one-liners in a typical day here.

The blog I couldn't stop reading was 'PostSecret'. A good friend of mine owns a book collection of these things, and I think they're quite fascinating and often really clever. I kept reading and reading and scrolling down on this blog, thought it was quite awesome. I'd say this is also the blog I'd recommend to other people.


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moniquesandoval said...

I agree Jacob. The postsecret blog was one of my favorites, as well. I love the visuals that accompany the secrets, I think that is why I was so drawn to it. The photos add such a unique and creative way to express the secrets. This blog is very similar to the New York One-liners blog, but I think the photos on the postsecret blog add just a bit more flair and keep the reader interested for a longer period of time. This site reminded me of a music video I once saw. I'm not quite sure who sang it or what the song was entitled, but throughout the whole video, there were artistic photos with random secrets posted on each one. Fascinating concept for a music video, equally fascinating for a blog.