Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Healthy Day

Social Impact Game Idea

The main focus of my game is to educate on health decision that children are faced with through out the day. Having gone from an inactive unhealthy child to a active healthy adult who is a competitive triathlete at the collegiate level I know the importance of getting in shape and eating right now how it can affect your daily life.

The game will fallow a teen through one day. You will have the option of playing as a male or a female so the participant can identify with their virtual character better. The game will start in the morning. The first choice will be to sleep in or to get up and exercise in the morning. If the character chooses to exercise in the morning they will have the option of swimming, running or lifting weights at the gym. There will be interactive mini-games with each of these options to keep the player engaged. Then they will have an option of what to eat for breakfast. They can choose from; fast food, sugary cereal, healthy cereal (i.e. Kashi Go-Lean, Grape nuts . . .), Fruit Smoothie. With each of these options they will be able to choose what exact cereal or fruit goes into what they eat. Next they will go to school and choose to take part in gym class or to use a health excuse and go sit out where they will have the option to play simulated cell phone games. If they choose to participate in gym class they will be able to play another mini-game (i.e. dodge ball, soccer, baseball, basketball). Then they will go to lunch where they will be given the options of a healthy bag lunch that their mom sent with them to school or greasy/fatty cafeteria food. After that they will be released from school where they will have the option of going and playing a team sport (i.e. cross-country, foot-ball, wrestling, basketball, baseball). There will again be mini games associated with each option. They will then be given dinner options (i.e. fast food, salad w/ chicken, pizza . . .) They will then go home were they will have the option to do homework, go to the gym or watch T.V. Each option will again be associated with mini games that involve the option they have chosen. They will then be given the option of evening snacks. At the end of the game they will be shown their total amount of calories burned, amount of calories consumed, and activity sheet showing what they did in the day and a prognosis associated with a photo to show how they will look and what their physical state is if they do that on an average day.

The game is to educate students about the possible risks associated with a sedentary and the image of what they will look like. There will be different body types and prognoses associated with combinations of options. The goal is to try and get teens that are inactive to try and get involved in sports and eating healthy.

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