Thursday, May 8, 2008

Grey's Blog

Well, I was searching for interesting blogs on and found the Grey’s Anatomy News blog. It had people leaving comments about the new episodes and where they think the future of the show will go. It was pretty cool to be apart of a group who shared the similar love for the show, but I would much rather be watching the show!

Grey’s Anatomy (the show) is my kinda blog. The point of personal blogs is to read them and be able to relate to the author, right? Well, that’s what I get from watching Grey’s. I am Meredith Grey. Ok, maybe not literally, but we have so much in common it’s not even funny. My boyfriend and I were talking the other night about how writers design the characters so they are relatable and people can connect with them. This is totally what they did with Meredith. She has all the relationship and commitment problems that I have. It’s like watching my life on TV!

As I’ve said before, I don’t really like readying other people’s personal blogs but maybe watching Grey’s can be considered a form of blogging…? It’s like watching Meredith’s personal blog on TV every Thursday night. Or maybe it’s just an excuse to watch it even more.

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