Tuesday, May 20, 2008

growing pains

If I created a game it would be called, “Growing Pains”. It would kind of be like life but a little different. Your life will start out as an 7 year old. As your making friends you have to make choice of whether to be a bully or not. If you bully another kid and get caught you get a note home and lose points. You will have choices like do your homework or play video games, another situation where you can lose points. This game will also have a situation that will teach you to run away from strangers.
Age 10
You’re start doing chores. There will be options like mowing the lawn, helping a neighbor, or cleaning the house. With these chores comes allowance, the more chores you do the more money you get. With these new additions there are still the old choices too of bullying, making friends, homework, and video games. If caught and punished you not only lose points but chances to make money as well. If you don’t do chores and you want something you have the choice to steal the object you want or not. If you steal there is a chance that you will be caught by the police and punished by you parents.
High school
You have choices like playing a sport, joining a club, volunteering, and being a TA. In this level there is a portion where your character starts to take drivers ed. At the age of 17 if your character passes his or her driving test they get their license. Later in this story they get to be the DD at a party. At the party they get offered a drink which they can accept of deny. If they accept the drink they can keep drinking. When drink home from the party the game will with have them get in an accident killing people or severely hurting them. Or the game will have a cop pull you over and breathalyses you. You will have an automatic DUI. The game will then have either scenario play its way through a court trail sentencing the characters. If player does have to go to jail and has made the choice to go to college rejection notices will be sent to the player’s character.
Depending on the choices that the player made in high school they will be able to go to college, find a job, or be in jail. In college you will chose major and the relationships that you want to have. There will be similar situations like in high school with drugs and alcohol. If the character chose work instead they will have options of moving up at their job in proper ways or in ways that could land you in jail. After four years in college or at a job the character will be able to get married or not and or live happily ever after. For a while…You have kids and it’s the same thing every day. You have choices to make like to how healthy you are. Will you cheat on your wife/husband to move up in your career or because your bored with your life.

I want my game to make people think about the choices that they make and how they have a big impact on your life. This game is also about taking responsibility for your actions and what they do to others.

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kaylamksilva said...

Well I think this game will have that affect...I feel overwhelmed and stressed out just reading the description! I think this could be really cool though because every choice you do make throughout your life DOES matter and can change your life dramatically at any time.