Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Digital Express

The difficulty with digital communication is the affect of body language is lost. One could argue that online digital communication makes up for this with the invention of webcams, which, do to a certain degree compensate for the 1:1 personal aspect. However if we observe the dilemma that exists within the restriction of language in general we also find the same hurdle. 

How do you know what you feel? We have learned that words describe our inner feelings and emotions. Expressing those emotions and feelings uses the tools of words in order to communicate to another person what is happening with you. The invention of blogs, and more specifically websites that have the capacity to support video and pictures among other mobile programs allows the user to bridge that words may not express. To restrict ourselves to words may seem primitive someday. I know this is a long stretch, but if you think of how can express so much to another person in music or a movie. It's a combination of words, sounds and movements that communicate to another person the message you want them to receive, which in some cases is singular. Like for instance, you want to break up with someone. Maybe you send them a song that tells the story of a love that once was, but because a guy was an idiot and did something stupid it's over, couple that with a picture of a casket with a the imprint of ya'll's name in a heart and message is received loud and clear. 

It is in this manor that blogs allow individuals to communicate beyond the bounds of mere words, except most often times blogs are used a means of expressing the person as a whole. If we consider a movie director for instance, we can conclude that by the end of his career, as we look at his life's work, we get an impression of what his tastes were like and get a sense of the person. Blogs act in a similar manor, they are an online expression of oneself. 

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