Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A life less ordinary

I propose a social impact game whose goal is to satirize people who spend the majority of their lives pursuing meaningless careers and never achieving a real sense of joy or fulfillment. The purpose is to open the eyes of people who need it—to show them some alternatives to leading hollow lives.

The game would start out with an introductory scene in which a divine-like voice asks two characters, “Why were you put here on this planet? What would you like to spend all yours days going?”

Character B responds, “I have no idea why I’m here, but all I know is I want to feel good, be with people I love, and make them feel good too.”

Character A says, “Yeah, that sounds about right!”

The voice says, “O.K. How are you going to do that?”

Character A says, “Well, I guess I’ll go to business school, get a high-paying job, raise my family with Christian morals, and then we’ll be financially secure so we can always be fed and relax. And drive big cars.”

"Be my guest,” responds the voice.

Character B says, “Ehh…I’ve got my own plans in mind,” and exits the screen.

Now the game play begins. Players race to get into the best universities, have the most prestigious summer internships, and then climb the ladder of the corporate world while raising a family. Digital rolls of dice move characters along a virtual playing board through these life milestones.

The player who gets to the center of the board first wins.

He is congratulated, but then goes to jail for the rest of his life for insider trading.

The frame pans right and shows the lives of Character B and his friends. Character B is performing a live DJ set for a crowd of ten thousand on the shores of Miami. People are going nuts, and Character B knows he has found a real form of living.

One of his friends, Character C, is shown running a club in San Francisco, where hundreds gather every night to be happy and dance. Character D is shown on the set of an independent film in the Mojave Desert. Character E, a professional surfer and skateboarder, is shown feeling fresh and invigorated on the beach in Costa Rica.

Finally, an interactive web page provides links to all sorts of websites, blogs, and online communities that foster music, film, and extreme sports. Hopefully, inspiration ensues.

Don’t sit in a cubicle; get out and do something REAL.

Some of the websites may be:
Sonic Academy
Everyone Is Famous
Rodney Mullen, Best Of
Moontribe - The sound of Moontribe is the sound of possibilities realized.
Transworld skating
Blow Up SF – Club Party
“What do you call a huge super-seekrit electro/house/hip-hop party in a downtown warehouse? A new religion: DANCISM.”
Girls Behind the Camera


kaylamksilva said...

Ha ha ha, I love this idea!!! Although I do think that there are those odd people who enjoy their job behind a cubicle I think this game could be very cool for those looking for reassurance that it's ok to go a different route and that a desk job is not the only choice there is. I'd play it!

Ajay said...

I think this is a fantastic idea charlie... A primary element of the other (character b ,c,...) characters routes is that they following their heart. As individuals they want to define their vocation and life through what they enjoy and what "success" is in their own eyes. Rather than "prescribed" plans, dreams, values and realities, your characters are defining their worlds through their own experiences and perspective.
One suggestion: I would stress at the end of the game the open field and infinite possibilities of the gamers choices and future. When providing some links/further information at the end, it is important to show the massive diversity of existing and potential identities, vocations, and successes.