Wednesday, May 21, 2008

crazy gamers

I first began to play the crazy Christmas shoppers game where you had to run around the store and buy different things on your Christmas list before the certain items were gone. Not only could you run around trying to grab your own purchases but you could also take something you wanted from another person. The only catch was you couldn’t ‘harass’ another customer when a child was present. I had a hard time figuring out which ones were the kids and which ones were the shoppers so I think I ended up actually taking things from the little kids in effect hurting my score.
The second time I attempted to play was the fatworld one, but this ended up being a little more complicated than I thought. I tried to make a world and go through the orientation of the game but my character kept on overworking it self and panting. But since I couldn’t figure out how to buy it food, I wasn’t able to visit all the places I needed to in order to actually begin playing the game. In effect my character started walking really slow and I wasn’t sure what to do with it so I kind of gave up with that one. Not fast moving enough for me, like the shopping one.
I wanted to try the Elemental game but you had to contact the creators, etc before you could play.
One of the more entertaining games I played had to have been the faith fighter where you could choose a character like Muhammad, Jesus, God or Buddha. Each of them had their own special powers that they could perform. You basically played a three round boxing match between them all. The best part was that they had a disclaimer at the beginning of the game stating that the creators had no intention of specifically targeting any specific religion, but rather to have people understand that wars are fought over different religious beliefs.

My own game:
If I were to have to create a game I might consider setting up something where the player would be a technician in a lab working on stem cell research. In order to proceed with research the lab techs would need to prove to the government that stem cell research is effective and the research is in need. Also you would have to deal with the protestors against this technology. Not only that but funding must be raised in a variety of ways and decisions must be made on which direction the research will go in. Sounds like a way complicated game so I’m not sure how I could work it all out, but after skimming through some of the other games they seemed to involve a lot of variables as well, so it may not be that bad.

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MHofsommer said...

Your idea for a game brings in a new dimension to what I have seen of other impact games. I think this idea, more than any other game or issue, really brings to the front line the issues that the creator wants to share. Although other games like the Darfur game bring the ideas to the surface, this proposal actually brings to the game the real life controversy surrounding the topic (the protests and moral issues which the character must face while determining their actions). I would love to play this game, maybe you could play this game a few times, one with a really conservative attitude and once again with a very liberal ideology...great idea!