Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Indy Media

On the Indy media site i found an article about how the Chinese Kidnapped Pachen Lama in 1995. This was just another thing that the Chinese have done to the Tibetans to show their power and domination over the Tibetans. The post on indy was in put up because it is the Lama 17th birthday and he is still missing. The Dalai Lama named this boy a Lama in when he was 5 after that he was kidnapped by the Chinese and still there has been no sign of him. On the site for the lama there is a petition for the release of the 11th Panchen Lama, I decided to sign the petition and then look at the other signatures of those who have also decided to sign. Interestingly enough there were very few signatures from the United states. Which makes me wonder how media is being spread between our community. Is this something that just doesn't interest our community, does it have to do with the way we view media everyday? are people unfamiliar with these independent media centers? This was my first time to an indy site, but I found it very interesting and i think that it is a testament to how we can connect the world globally. On the site you can click on any country and a various number of different topics allowing the participatory culture to become aware and involved of what is happening around the world. i found this indy site very interesting full of news that is never shared in our newspapers or news stations. I think these sites prove to be a place for people to become more and more engaged in what is going on around them, what our leaders are not telling us, and how we can begin to change this as a media community connected to the whole world.

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