Thursday, May 29, 2008


For my social impact game, the player would begin by choosing a pet which they would like to raise. The participant can choose the type of animal they would like to raise, for example, a dog, cat, pig, horse, any animal out of a variety of choices, as well as the gender of the animal. The player can choose the appearance of the pet, its color and size. The player is also given the opportunity to “adopt” a pet from the local pound. The player is then provided the opportunity to walk around in “pet world” where the player will encounter several variables which will evaluate the player’s capability of successfully raising and taking care of a pet. Over time, the pet will begin to change and develop as a result of the decisions made by the owner concerning its well being. The pet’s size will change, it will grow or shrink depending on the amount of food it is fed and its temperament will change depending on how much attention it is given. Pets in “pet world” can get sick as well as recover, if the player chooses to help treat the animal. The social impact effect of the “pet world” game would be to teach responsibility. The player is responsible for the pet and the pet’s well being. Because the player can view how their own choices affect another being, the player should learn what choices are beneficial towards others and are good choices to be made. The pet world game provides players with an idea of if raising a pet is a good idea, depending on their own lifestyles. The game is meant to simulate how much responsibility comes with owning a pet and to help the player decide if they are prepared for that responsibility. The pet world game is meant to reflect the immense amount of animal neglect and mistreatment in the United States today. Hopefully, the game will help players realize they are incapable of the responsibility of a pet or motivate players who are prepared to adopt a pet. At the beginning of the game, players are given the choice to create their own pet or adopt. This choice is meant to reflect the choice which future pet owners have, to buy a pet from the pet store or adopt one from the local pound. At the conclusion of the game, the player can choose to quit at any point, the player is given information regarding the adoption of animals and the benefits they can provide to an animal’s life.

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