Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Smart Meme!

This site is the base for a non-profit organization that works with social justice activist groups to more effectively campaign / advocate their position. They emphasize the story-telling element in a campaign, as personal stories more often hit a person's emotional side (and therefore more likely convince them to harden their convictions and lead to action) than statistics and numbers. I read an article about how they help these groups to re-frame or re-shape their stories to more effectively reach the public, or policy-makers.
A meme is sort of a catchy phrase that has a political or social purpose. Apparently Smart Meme came up with the "Billionaires for Bush (or Gore)" a few years ago during the election period. The slogan was put on bumper-stickers and used in other ways, but didn't lose its message.
I like the idea of this organization's approach to assisting campaigners and their cause. It's such a simple idea, to use the personal story to fight for change. And it seems like their approach could easily mold into the internet sources and reach a wide audience. Their influence could almost be limitless, if you think about bloggers connecting and sharing stories, advertisements (memes)... I wonder if they could delve into Second Life... hmm.. Tell the Second Life story to advocate for social change? Well, that cyberspace rape article certainly told a story and got people thinking...

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