Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The blog I most enjoyed reading was PostSecret.  I was immediately drawn to it because I have Frank Warren's first post secret book at home.  I guess I get some kind of perverse pleasure from reading other people's most hidden secrets.  It is an interesting concept: an anonymous forum for admitting deeply personal thoughts in a creative way.  Some of the secrets are kind of depressing, lika a woman who lost her job and did not qualify for unemployment.  Others are just funny, like a person who got carpal tunnel from playing guitar hero and claimed that it was from typing.  This type of blog acts as a release for the contributors and entertainment for the readers.  I could actually see myself looking at this blog in the future.  I also enjoyed the homelessguy blog.  The homeless James Bond was pretty funny, but I found the author's blog detailing his transition from the streets to an appt to be very interesting.  It offers a glimpse into a world that is largely inaccessible to most people.  This example also gave me a new understanding of online communities and gaming worlds like Second Life.  Since this man had no home, his laptop and online community enabled him to interact with others on the same page without being ostracized or stereotyped.  I like the blogs that introduce the audience to specific communities that would be difficult to access in the real world (homelessness, paramedics, individuals' private thoughts, etc).  I found this to be a fun assignment that has piqued my curiosity.  I will likely be reading more blogs in the future.

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