Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Life of a Colombian

So here is my idea for a social impact game. A lot of people know Colombia for one thing, and one thing only: drugs, more specifically, cocaine. I was to enlighten people about Colombia, and also the moarl dilemma that people face when it does come to the drug trade. I want to do this because I am Colombian, and I want people to know more about the people there.

First and foremost I want my game to inform. So you start out as a Colombian with less than adequate savings. So you are forced to get a job. You can go right away into the drug trade, or you can decide to get another job (this bit allows the player to see options that a Colombian has, most would not choose drugs, and I would make that clear). Next, as they are working, a drug lord would move in next door. This drug lord would be very nice to you and your family and offer you money and things for nothing in return. Then later down the line, as you are working in your trade, a police man will come and ask you to rat out the drug dealer. Now you choose, rat out the man who has been so nice to you to the goverment who has done nothing for you, realizing that what he does is obviously wrong, or do you help him? This way people will begin to see the moral dilemma's present in Colombian society because what I have described is very common. The game will unfold in different ways depending how you play.

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