Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Game Proposal

After some thought I came up with a game that deals with social impacts and issues with gaming itself.

The game would function similarly to 3rd World Farmer, however instead of farming as a family, you are a high school-college age student that enjoys playing video games. Your ultimate goal is to be the best in the virtual world of competition, but you must balance that with your social life, grades, and family as you get older and graduate from college (if you make it!). You can't focus on just one thing, or you risk the integrity of your other interests.

The game, I hope, will appeal to those that strive to be the best at the games they play, or rather, their competitive nature. I would hope that the game would raise awareness among those that play about the importance of the rest of their world, and not just the screen in front of them. Being the best, or striving to be, can be addictive. While I don't think this game would be a magical fix for those that are easily immersed in the virtual world, my hope is that it would spark the feelings in the back of their minds where they actually entertain the idea of cutting back on game time.

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