Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Indymedia Contributions: Quality or Questionable?

I watched the youtube video on Indymedia about an E-40 concert that was canceled because of security and safety issues. People in Tacoma were concerned that bringing hip-hop music into their city would encourage or instigate more gang violence and activity throughout their downtown area. Local artists, E-40 fans, and impressionable youth were all blamed for bringing violence into the suburban culture of Tacoma… there were only two comments below, both of which were brief and relatively extreme in their claims. There’s nothing wrong with being radical in your argument, but I think in order to do so people should back up their claims with reasoning and examples… the first comment was “END CRACK CULTURE AND MAYBE HIP HOP CAN GET BACK ON TRACK”… although this may or may not be an accurate statement, the format of commenting on the web leaves no requirement to thoroughly argue a point or provide substantial backup. Extreme comments can be made, and no one is forced to give an explanation or really get a conversation started. I think having a place to share your own thoughts and see other people reactions/responses is potentially beneficial, but I don’t think it will really be significant or productive unless people put time and substance into their contributions.

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