Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Other games I played and a bio game tell me what you guys think!

The second game I chose to play was named Tuboflex. I loved it! It is a great illustration of the way low wageworkers are taken advantage of today. MacDonald’s is a great example of a company that takes advantage of its employees. For example it workers try to organize or get better pay they are generally fired. I remember reading about how MacDonald’s employees tried to organize in Fast Food nation. As a result that particular MacDonald’s was shut down. This game is a cute short game that spreads awareness of the abuse of low wageworkers while being entertaining at the same time. You inevitably end up homeless on the street playing “Are You Sleeping, Brother John” with your dog which you can make bark.
I next played Ben’s game. This was a really heartwarming game designed for kids with Leukemia. I think it was great that someone from Lucasarts designed this game for the make a wish foundation. It is actually quite a good game, although the message from Ben made me want to cry. I think that attacking the red cells that are sick is a great way to help kids understand why they are having bad side effects. This game would probably also help them keep their mind on something entertaining, which is also not very strenuous. At first I was worried about what would happen if you lose, but even when your health gets really low you never lose. This is a great message to cancer patients especially, kids. I think that giving them hope and motivating them to fight is a great idea, and if a game helps then that’s great.
Lastly I played the MacDonald’s Video game. It was pretty entertaining that the makers of the game stated that the MacDonald’s video game in no way mimics factual events, yet in reality they are doing just the opposite. It was actually pretty well thought out game, but it made me somewhat depressed to play it. I am glad I don’t eat at places like MacDonald’s. I felt bad for the cute animated cows I was slaughtering and trying to keep workers from organizing was damn near impossible. An interesting game, but not one I would want to play for fun.

Designing a Video Game:
If I were to design a Video game it would be entitled Viruses. It would be a game that would educate the general population about how to avoid getting the common cold. It would be like a board game like Mario Party. All players would start at the start spot and then have to roll the dice and move the appropriate number of spaces. At each space there would be a question or a game that would involve avoiding or catching a virus.
If a player makes the wrong choice in a question or loses a game then they get sick and cannot move spaces for a certain number of turns. If they get the right answer or win the game they get immunity, therefore if they land on a space where they are exposed to the same virus they are immune and therefore get to move another space forward.
Each space would also give a short fact about disease around the world. There would be spaces for HIV, Small Pox, HCV, Chicken Pox etc… This would help players become aware of the viruses around the world. At the end of the game there would be links to websites and organizations that explain how people can help donate money to fund research against viruses around the world.
What are surfaces that expose people to viruses called?
What are primary cells that initiate the specific immune system?
When you are exposed to someone with a flu or cold what is the number one thing you can do to protect yourself?
Wash your hands?
Can you get the same cold virus twice?
No, once exposed to a specific virus and recover from it and become immune?
Does Vitamin C help with colds?
It has been shown in several studies that Vitamin C can help decrease symptoms of the common cold.
Mini Games:
Fight infected cells and viral nucleic acid: You are a B-Cell that can produce antibodies to fight of viruses. You must create an antibody that matches the antigen on the infected cell or virus. Create the antibody and as you travel through the blood stream attack any pathogens that match your antibody. Don’t attack your own healthy cells or you will end up hurting yourself.
Travel through the human landscape: You are in the airport and you must avoid exposure to as many viruses as possible. You are equipped with sanitary wipes and can wash your hands in the public toilets. Try to minimize the number of viruses you are exposed to while traveling from one side of the airport to another.
Name that cell: match the description of the immune cell with the name.
Name that virus: match the virus with the description.
Goal of the game: Once you reach the end of the game you have become immune to all the viruses on the board. At this point to win the game you must take your own blood and make vaccines that will make all the other players on the board immune and healthy. Once accomplishing this you win the game.

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