Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Outbreak of Self-expression"

After reading through the articles that were assigned I realized that blogs are online forms of the journals we used to write it as children. I also learned about how the purpose of weblogs has transformed from news interpretation to personal blogs open to the world to closer networks of people using them for communication. I really liked how they were described as an “outbreak of self-expression.” I think a lot of the blogs we see nowadays are based on people’s lives and their daily experiences. This is the problem I have with blogs.
To me, having a blog about yourself and your life seems completely egotistical. Not to be rude, but who are you to think your life is worthy to be on the web for other people to read? I mean, everyone has drama in their lives and I am positive that mine would fill up an entire blog easily but what would make me want to put it out for the world to read?
From a different perspective, why would I want to read about other people’s drama? I have enough of it in my own life to focus on. And for those who reply to other’s blogs, who are you to tell others how to live their lives especially because the only source of information you have about them comes from their daily blog? With that said, people who post blogs are asking for these imposing comments from strangers because they make their lives public.
One article said blogging is useful because it is a form of reflection on one’s actions. I agree it’s beneficial and perhaps even necessary to share your daily activities and feelings with others but can’t you do it with your family and friends instead of strangers on the web. To me that just seems healthier.
Not to post this entirely pessimistic blog on blogs, I will end with a positive. I do think blogs are helpful for Alzheimer’s patients who do not remember their lives when their disease takes over their brain. For these people, blogs can be good for them to recall past experiences and not feel so alone. My great-grandmother had Alzheimer’s Dementia when she passed away a couple years ago at the age of 99. I only wish she had written a diary or blog-type document to help her remember who we were as well as who she was.

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