Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another funny blog experience....

Well i definitely found the genre of blogs that attract me: others people's stupidity. After viewing "Passive Aggressive" the other night, I decided to go back to get a few more laughs. It was on this site that I found another funny blog, "Funny Exam" The title of the site is fairly self explanatory. People post either their own exams or others’ exams that have been corrected by teachers or professors. There are pictures of the exams, along with some commentary, and viewers can comment on the post right below it. Although I laughed a little bit, the site got a little boring because I felt like some of the exam answers were written by students for the purpose of posting it on this site after it was corrected. If this actually occurs, I think it is ridiculous that students would be willing to receive poor grades for a few laughs from people they do not even know. I think the one post I laughed at the most, was a short reflection on a quote that was given to the students of the particular class by the professor. The quote was, “Some people don’t look up until they are flat on their backs.” The student responded with a few sentences and concluded with this example: “Like if someone is kicked by a Kung Fu midget, they won’t look up.” My response was basically, “Wow, what an idiot.” The answer may have been slightly comical, but I think I laughed more at the fact that someone would actually write that. I really hope they were not serious. Another post that I found on the site was funny simply because I actually know someone that did the exact same thing. The final exam was a true/false test, so the answer was either “A” or “B”. This particular student marked “C” down the entire scantron, which obviously gave the student an F on the test. The teacher wrote to the student, that it may be true that on a normal multiple choice test if one does not know the answer, it is most likely that the answer is “C” in terms of probability; however, this test only had two answers, neither of which was chosen. The professor ends with, “B is the new C.” Clearly the student came unprepared, and then made it worse by not even reading the directions.

Although it was funny to laugh at people’s stupidity, I really liked the first blog that I read over this particular site. Like I said before, I think that some people may have sent in their exam answers just for the “fame” they might receive on a blog. As expected, crude humor can be found on the site, but some of it really crosses the line into perversion. The site made me wonder if the students who post these exam answers get more satisfaction from the possibility of gaining a few minutes of an unknown viewer’s attention than they do from succeeding in school. Although this may be extreme thinking, I really hope that technology, blogs and personal digital media in particular, does not disrupt education. It would be not only pathetic, but also very sad if people chose comedic performance on a blog over academic performance in school. I know that there is a good chance that most of us have spent some time on Facebook or Myspace during class, whether it’s to kill time, to “stalk” people, or to edit our profiles. But can you imagine if people started failing exams on purpose to gain a few laughs from some people on a blog? Some people will never cease to amaze me.

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