Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Independence - Social Impact Game

As some of you know I am Scottish, and hold my nationality dear to my heart. Scotland, a nation without it's own sovereignty and right to self rule, is considered to be, to some greater extent, a puppet of the British (read English). One of the 4 remaining 'home' countries, including England, Northern Ireland, and Wales, it is a national and personal desire to see Scotland achieve full independence, much like the formally ceded Ireland.

The game concept revolves around the simple, and common, platform of a historic strategy game similar to popular game brands such as Hearts of Iron and Age of Empires. The initial aim of the game would be to rule/govern Scotland and lead Scotland though history, primarily to independence, but secondly to flourishing politically and economically on the international scene. Following the basic strategy/action game the simple goal would be to gather resources, build cities, defend/expand the borders, fight battles et al. Ultimately, while the chance to lead Scotland to international glory will encourage the patriotic intent of the player it will not necessarily effect the social change intended. To encourage the players desire for Scottish indepdence it is imperative to base the game in an accurate historical context, educating the player about the historical realities that led to Scotland's absorption into the entity of Great Britain. The game will educate about Scotlands past, and allow the player to virtually chance or avoid the consequences of these events, thus realizing what can be done politically to affect change in Scotland. Additionally, the game will clearly and dynamically highlight the possibilities and affluency that awaits Scotland should it achieve independence.

Ultimately, the game revolves around a historical core allowing the player to interact with AND change history to the players benefit. It will educate and encourage, and perhaps, with awareness raised Scotland can be the new Ireland.

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