Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I searched for weblogs related to electronic music and found LINKSET, a blog that provides links to download sources for electronic tracks and mixes of all subgenres. For example, the most recent post was about a rare new track by French electro duo Justice, and the one before that provided a download link for a live mix by Dj Diplo at a New Year's Eve afterparty.

On the right hand column, all download links and posts are sorted into about 90 subgenres, from breaks to house to minimal. There are 6 contributors running the site. The posts go back to 2005. They also have a discreet ad section in the lower right, which runs through Google. This is assumably one way the contributors make money upkeeping the blog.

Given there are relatively few ways to download music nowadays, I am extremely grateful to have found Linkset. People running electronic music blogs are an integral part of the electronic music scene and fan base. I'll be searching for blogs similar to this one in the future.

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