Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Increasing Awareness (Persuasion)

Since children are my passion, I plan to team up with my wonderful friend, Lauren Garcia, to help execute my final project. She runs her own non-profit organization, Mano en Mano, which helps to provide food, water, clothing, medical aid, education, and housing to the underprivileged children of Nicaragua. Since the focus of my personal website lies primarily on the world of modeling, we thought it might be entertaining and beneficial to hold a fashion show fundraiser for her organization while using students as models. Immediately, I was able to think of a social impact game that I could use to generate awareness and motivation from young adults.
This social impact game would be centered on persuading people to care. Each person would be able to create an avatar of his choice. The goal of the game would be to set up fundraisers and donation events while managing available funds. The more people you can get on your team, the more events you can put on because of increased funds. After every event, you and your crew will travel to Nicaragua and put the donations and funds to use in building houses, providing vaccinations, supplying nutritious food and clean water, and promoting education— all of which cost money. The challenge in the game will be to manage funds, since putting on a successful event also requires quite a bit of money.
The purpose of this game is to encourage young adults to act for a cause. Since the game will provide a massive amount of options and ideas for events, it will make young adults realize that giving back to underprivileged members of our world can be fun and fulfilling. Along with the challenge of managing money, the main goal of this game is to be as convincing and moving as possible, in order to attain more supporters and increase awareness.

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