Monday, May 12, 2008

Seals, Heirs and Vivoleum Make the Internet an Interesting Place

I perused the readings for this week and really focused my attention on those that seemed to try and spur people into action. I've been thinking about it and Im really interested in starting a conservation website for the final project. I think the greatest way for me to make an impact would be to put together a website that let people know exactly what is happening on the big cat conservation front and how we can all put our brains together to find some solutions. With that in mind I foound a few projects that I thought would have similar goals as mine would... as well as some entertaining ones... and I summarized them for you.. yay.


Seals being killed to protect salmon, and FBI ruling "It's not our thing." This to me shows how grassroots activism can make an impact and how sad it is that it usually takes something so simple as a few protesters for the government to take interest in what its supposed to protect... mainly, seals.

Abahlali baseMjondolo
It's taken a year and a half and countless lives to protest land being taken that should have been given to dwellers, but as long as the fight continues the goal is in site it is worth any sacrifice... isnt it?

I looked over this months featured projects and was delighted to find one that claimed George Washington as the great great grandfather of as lineage of monarchs that should be recognized as the rightful rulers of the US... what can ya' say, sometimes anti-Bush campaigns get clever...

Imposters poing as representatives of Exxon and NPC stand up in front of an assembly of 20,000 "oil" people and deliver the companies' most innovative ideas yet.. to use the bodies of people who will die due to global calalmities related to fossil feul emissions to make more Vivoleum. It's pretty funny, and by funny I mean disturbed...

A site that helps you structure how to get your message across. I found myself at the page that helped you define you're social narrative as not just telling what is happening but why it is is happening. This is obviously an extrememly helpful link to get a project up and running, but on the other hand if it is creativity that really hits people then is it smart to follow models? Maybe it is, I dont know. Im still going to browse it to see what I can use in my final project...

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