Monday, May 12, 2008

Adbusters and Honeybees

What Agribusiness has done to the HoneyBee

I searched for "genetic" on Adbusters since I am interested in genetically modified organisms. I thought this first article that showed up was pretty good. It talks about how humans (those that work with honeys, mostly) have modified bees to gain more money. I think, in general, this site is really interesting. It's really interesting that it tries to sort of "fight" or protest online, and via a magazine. Using such a widely read site and magazine that is sure to reach a lot of people is smart because their cause is brought to everyones attention. I wonder, though, how often the people that read their site/magazine "stick" with the cause (i.e. do they get passionate for a while or do they stop eating GMO's for life because it's messing with nature).

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